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Storing ortho models digitally saves space, dollars

November 2, 2014

The concept of digital study models has often been talked about — particularly in orthodontic circles — as a solution to the considerable physical space required to store plaster models. If a model could be scanned in three dimensions to a high degree of accuracy, stored electronically and then reconstituted (should the need arise), then the need for physical storage of models could potentially be eliminated.

Treating the cause of malocclusions, not the consequence

September 26, 2013

Extraction versus non-extraction treatment in orthodontics has been a matter of controversy since the beginning of the specialty. Edward H. Angle debated, “The best balance, the best harmony, the best proportions of the mouth in its relation to the other features require, in all cases, there shall be the full complement of teeth, and each tooth shall be made to occupy its normal position.”


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