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Natural dentition: Risk of extinction?

November 7, 2014

During the past few years, there appears to be an increase in continuing education. Many of the courses are about implant dentistry. The conventional courses that form the basis of learning the skills of saving teeth have been fewer in number. Everybody wants to learn how to surgically place a dental implant. It appears that some apparent “need” of patients has driven clinicians to subscribe to these weekend courses in surgery so they can respond to these patient “needs.”

Storing ortho models digitally saves space, dollars

November 2, 2014

The concept of digital study models has often been talked about — particularly in orthodontic circles — as a solution to the considerable physical space required to store plaster models. If a model could be scanned in three dimensions to a high degree of accuracy, stored electronically and then reconstituted (should the need arise), then the need for physical storage of models could potentially be eliminated.

Dentistry’s future is digital: Don’t be left behind

October 21, 2014

I regretted one thing when our practice switched from film X-rays to digital X-rays: I wish we had done it sooner. To say that we gained return on our investment is an understatement. It has greatly improved our practice management, the patient experience and overall communication. Our investment has paid off exponentially. More importantly, it is a value-added service that patients may not have experienced previously at other dental offices.

Digital radiography system takes clarity, ease to new level

October 5, 2014

I have a passion for technology, because it bridges the gap of communication between clinician and patient. This year, I decided to give myself something that would make my experience as a dentist more enjoyable — appropriately, on my 33rd birthday. I write this article to express my enthusiasm for that “gift” to myself, a product that has honestly blown me away: the Schick 33 intraoral digital sensor.

Ensure earnings capability with ergonomic seating

September 29, 2014

The list is disturbing: fatigue; injury problems; serious neck, upper-back and shoulder pain; and posture so poor that it affects general physical performance. All are alarmingly common symptoms experienced by practitioners across the dental profession. The result: Forced early retirement caused by neck, shoulder and back problems is a frequent occurrence for dental professionals.

Advances in dentistry: At what cost and … worth it?

September 22, 2014

There have been many advances in dentistry during the past 10 years. Some can be considered improvements for the betterment of patient services, others are marketing techniques disguised as improvements. For example, the field of implant dentistry has seen some significant improvements in implant design. In fact, it is one of the true areas of dental sciences in which improvements and needs were based on retroactive analyses justifying the direction of the sciences.

Today’s successful practice has a chief operations officer. Do you?

September 17, 2014

In today’s world, dentists have to be savvy businesspeople as well as excellent clinicians. Organizing a successful dental practice has become more time consuming and definitely more complex as each year passes. The list seems endless: ever-changing human resource issues, complex government/provincial/dental regulations, the need to train new team members, promoting the practice in a highly competitive marketplace, meeting patient needs and expectations, mastering new technology — all while keeping the schedule full.

Endodontic irrigants and irrigant delivery systems

July 31, 2014

Endodontic treatment is a predictable procedure with high success rates. Success depends on a number of factors, including appropriate instrumentation, successful irrigation and decontamination of the root-canal space to the apices and in areas such as isthmuses. These steps must be followed by complete obturation of the root canals, and placement of a coronal seal, prior to restorative treatment.

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