$1.6 billion dental hygiene market fueled by teeth whitening and digital cavity detection

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$1.6 billion dental hygiene market fueled by teeth whitening and digital cavity detection

By 2017, the dental hygiene market market will reach over $2 billion, according to iData Research. (DTI/Photo iData Research)
Drew Gutschmidt, iData Research

Drew Gutschmidt, iData Research

Thu. 8 September 2011


Vancouver, BC, CANADA: According to a new report series by iData Research, the leading global authority in dental market research, the U.S. dental hygiene and oral care market, which includes instruments and consumables used in the office setting, recovered from the economic recession in 2010 to reach over $1.6 billion.

By 2017, the market will reach over $2 billion driven by the rapidly growing digital caries/cavity detection, professional teeth whitening and fluoride varnish segments. In the United States, dental caries/cavities affect more than 95 percent of the adult population.

“Sales of specialized light-emitting diode (LED) and fluorescence laser-based digital caries detection devices, which enhance the ability to detect dental decay with greater accuracy and specificity, is driving dental hygiene market growth,” says Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData Research. “In 2010, this market grew almost 30% led by Acteon, Air Techniques and Kavo.”

The report also states that the professional teeth whitening segment is expected to see strong growth through 2017, due to increased sales of professional take-home whitening systems, in which dentists fabricate custom trays for use at home. These products are considered more convenient and preferred by dentist and patients. In 2010, Discus Dental, Ultradent and SDI led this market.

“The professional fluoride market will be another area of strong sales growth, reaching double-digit rates by 2017,” says Dr. Zamanian. “This segment is being driven by sales of fluoride varnishes, which is growing in popularity among dentists and patients due to the products mild taste, easy application, reduced risk of over-ingestion, its ability to treat tooth hypersensitivity and a shorter treatment time. 3M ESPE dominates this market, however smaller competitors such as Varnish America have released lower-priced varnishes that have received positive reviews.”

More information is available at www.idataresearch.net/idata/registration.php. iData’s 2-report series on the U.S. and European “Markets for Dental Hygiene and Oral Care 2011” covers: dental handpieces, scalers, lasers, prophylaxis angles and pastes, oral irrigators, dental-guards and more.

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iData Research is an international market research and consulting group focused on providing market intelligence for dental and medical device companies. iData covers research in: dental implants, equipment, BGS, prosthetics and more.



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