Canadian dentists have less time for dental exhibits

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Canadian dentists have less time for dental exhibits


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Visitors strolling the halls for exhibit at this year's Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver. (DTI/Photo Kristin Colker, DTA)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Mon. 4 July 2011


TORONTO, Canada: The majority of dentists in Canada find it difficult to make time to visit dental exhibitions, figures in the new annual report by the country’s Dental Industry Association suggest. Over 70% of the dentists surveyed said they spent less than three hours on exhibition floors during conventions, while half said they spent two hours or fewer. The survey was conducted amongst 1,000 practising dentists throughout the country.

The main reasons for not visiting exhibitions were lack of time, attending lectures or courses, and social interaction with colleagues and peers. Dentists from Ontario were more likely to visit a convention that had no associated exhibition than dentists from other provinces. Most dentists said that they would visit more exhibitions if they were given product samples or could watch hands-on demonstrations or other on-floor events.

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