Meeting review: 2018 Pacific Dental Conference

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Meeting review: 2018 Pacific Dental Conference

At far left, Dr. Kenneth Chow, certified specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, helps line up members of the Vancouver-based OMS Group for a photo as they enter the Exhibit Hall at the 2018 Pacific Dental Conference. OMS Group has offices in Vancouver Burnaby and Richmond. (Photo: Robert Selleck / DTA)
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Dental Tribune International

Mon. 12 March 2018


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, CANADA: The 2018 Pacific Dental Conference was held March 8 to 10 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. With many attendees celebrating the meeting’s informal theme, there were lots of blue jeans to be seen. Perhaps the only thing in greater supply than denim was the innovation.

The early-in-the-year scheduling has long made the PDC a preferred venue for dental companies to reveal their latest products and services, and 2018 was no exception, with numerous innovations on display in the Exhibit Hall.

In the Dentsply Sirona booth, you could learn more about the company’s TPH Spectra ST universal composite restorative, which is based on SphereTEC filler technology, a proprietary method of manufacturing microscaled, well-defined spherical superstructures, composed of submicron glass. The company asserts that the breakthrough technology makes the material easier to place, shade-match, finish and polish — and it’s more resistant to staining and wear.

In another booth, Lares Research’s exclusive Canadian distributor Dental Fix Rx could show you the Fluoresce HD handpiece, which is described as being “the world’s first dual-wavelength handpiece system.” It has a light at the head that switches between normal white LED light and Fluoresce HD 405 nm LED light, which causes caries to fluoresce red, restorative material to glow yellow and healthy tooth to show as light green.

In another booth you could see the instrument described by one clinician as “a revolutionary paradigm shift in dynamic surgical navigation.” ClaroNav developed the navigation technology called “Trace and Place,” labeling it Navident 2.0. Dr. Mark Kwan used the device on the Live Dentistry Stage Thursday while performing “3D Digital Navigation Live Implant Surgery,” with narration by Dr. Mark Lin. In the ClaroNav booth earlier in the day, Kwon said that among the device’s biggest benefits is its low barrier to entry. “It is so, so, simple compared with other systems,” Kwon said. “You just take a CBCT scan, load it up and you’re good to go.” That reduces exposure to the patient, and means a clinician could even work with a recent CBCT scan the patient might bring from another source to assess surgery options. Kwon also noted that he’s able to perform a virtual surgery in advance as a practice session, so he knows exactly what he will be doing with the patient at the time of actual surgery.

The live dentistry sessions in the Exhibit Hall attracted the usual capacity crowds, with observers spilling out beyond the designated sitting area. The Live Dentistry Stage was sponsored by A-dec and Sinclair, and each demonstration also has co-sponsors.

Jim Yeganegi, DMD, presented “Guided Sinus Surgery Using Dynamic Navigation Guided System,” co-sponsored by Hiossen Implant Canada and Navigate Surgical Technologies.

Bobby Birdi, DMD, Dip Perio, Dip Pros, FRCD(C), FACP, DABP, and Ron Zokol, DMD, presented “Today’s Tooth In One Day: Digital Anterior Immediate Implant Placement,” co-sponsored by Nobel Biocare Canada.

Sonia Leziy, DDS, Dipl Perio, FCDS(BC), FRCD(C), presented “Digital Dentistry and the Small Implant Bridge. How, Why, Everywhere,” co-sponsored by BioHorizons Canada.

Jonathan Ng, DDS, MSc, Dip Pros., FRCD(C), presented “How Digital Dentistry Makes Life Better: Bridging Dentist and Lab Communication Implant Surgery,” co-sponsored by Henry Schein.

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