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Mobile elbow supports reduce tension, fatigue

By Dental Tribune Canada
June 26, 2012

Imagine working with complete freedom of motion but without exertion in your neck, back and shoulder muscles. With superb engineering and unmatched ergonomics, the Posiflex Free Motion Elbow Support System features free moving, height-adjustable elbow supports that follow your every move without any restriction, yet provide total support and stability for your arms and shoulders.

It is a life changing innovation that will have you feeling your best and performing your best — guaranteed.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that the use of mobile elbow supports contributes to a more secure and comfortable work posture because muscular contractions in the arms and shoulders are diminished significantly.

Incorporating three years of research and clinical studies, Posiflex gel padded elbow supports cradle every user’s elbows with ideal firmness and comfort while allowing for complete mobility. The high-strength design with solid steel components clamps onto the riser of most dental stools in minutes.

Thousands of dental professionals have invested in their well-being

“I have far less lower-back and neck discomfort and find practicing dentistry far more comfortable. Having the ability to rest an elbow during static procedures like light curing and other procedures removes a lot of stress from my lower back. I am very happy with my decision to purchase the Posiflex for my associate and myself,” said Ray Katz, DDS, Aurora, Ontario.

“After a short learning period, I no longer had the extreme tightness in the shoulder area, nor the frequent headaches associated with it. I literally will not work without them, and will be purchasing a second pair this year as I am expanding my practice,” said Susan Huxtable, DDS, Toronto.

“It is now over two years that I have been using the Posiflex free motion elbow supports. There has been a definite sustained positive effect of increased comfort while working. I am pleased to report that it has eliminated the pain I used to feel between my shoulders while working and now at the end of the day I am going home feeling comfortable,” said Herb McLeod, DDS, Ottawa.

“I use the elbow support 90 percent of the time, and I can say that I would not work without this technology anymore because I can feel the difference. I have less tension in my shoulder at the end of the day,” said Marc Apap, DDS, Saint Germain en Laye, France.

(Source: Posiflex Design)


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