ODA: Dental plan for seniors falls short

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ODA: Dental plan for seniors falls short

The Ontario Dental Association is concerned that the senior dental-plan in Ontario’s recent budget will shift seniors to a dental team they don’t know and that is unaware of their dental and medical history. (Photo/Provided by rawpixel.com)

Thu. 2 May 2019


TORONTO, Ontario, CANADA: For years, the Ontario Dental Association has made it clear that it wants to work with the province to make sure Ontarians get the proper dental care they need. The seniors’ dental plan described in the recent provincial budget falls short of that on substance and details.

While the ODA believes there should be a dental program for Ontario’s low-income seniors, the suggestion from the province appears to be that seniors should be forced to leave their current dentist and travel, sometimes long distances, to get treatment at a government-run institution with a dental team they don’t know and who doesn’t know their dental and medical history.

The budget also doesn’t address the ongoing issue of the severe funding gap in existing public dental care programs. The fact is, there are currently four major programs for vulnerable Ontarians (children, families, people with disabilities, and those with complex medical conditions) and none of them are funded properly.

ODA President Dr. David Stevenson said, “Ontario’s dentists have been working hard to find a funding solution with the province. Quite frankly, this government knows dentists are reaching the breaking point and we are disappointed at this missed opportunity.”

The ODA is asking the province to work with it to find solutions for all government dental care programs so that we can meet the needs of Ontario’s low-income families and seniors in a way that works best for them.

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(Source: Ontario Dental Association)

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