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TheraBreath is available in Canada! Discover what sets this oral rinse apart

Photo: Provided by Church & Dwight

Mon. 29 May 2023


Plaque biofilm, bad breath, gingivitis — bacteria are at the root of all these common oral health concerns. For some patients, brushing and flossing are not enough to keep oral bacteria under control. For those patients, an effective bacteria-fighting oral rinse may be the answer.

In 1992, while working to create a solution for his daughter, who was teased for having bad breath, Dr. Katz, dentist and bacteriologist, created the formulation that became TheraBreath Fresh Breath oral rinse. Since then, TheraBreath has brought halitosis relief to more than 6 million users worldwide.

Bad breath odour is typically the result of a group of anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacteria that replicate on the tongue, in the throat and in the tonsil area.

As an alternative to attempting to remove these bacteria (for example, by brushing or scraping the tongue) or simply masking the odour they produce, Katz discovered that introducing oxygenating compounds actually interrupted the bacteria’s chemical production of odours.

This innovation sets TheraBreath apart. This dye-free oral rinse contains the oxygenating ingredient sodium chlorite and is free from alcohol and sulfates. Clinically shown to fight bad breath for 24 hours,† TheraBreath oral rinses are formulated to be non-burning and pH-neutral or slightly alkaline, with an average pH of 8.2.

TheraBreath is a new addition to the Church & Dwight Oral Care family and, thanks to its distinctive look, it’s easy for patients to find in all major retailers.


Editorial note:

*The following TheraBreath benefit is validated by the CDA: Freshens breath.

†When used as directed. Fights bad breath for 24 hours when used every 12 hours after brushing and flossing.



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