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Winter Clinic: New venue, new opportunities

The Toronto Academy of Dentistry’s Winter Clinic will be held Friday, Nov. 14. (Photo: Toronto Academy of Dentistry)

Wed. 17 September 2014


Acting on industry feedback, and the dynamics of market changes, the Toronto Academy of Dentistry has taken a giant step to evolve the Winter Clinic to a new level. Not only a location change, but a new format aimed at increasing networking opportunities and return on investment. This one-day show will leverage increased traffic in the common areas for the benefit of all, as soon as people arrive at the show.

The Sheraton Centre’s location in the heart of downtown and its second floor facilities will provide a comfortably sized venue, with proximity to attractions and shopping.

The 2014 Winter Clinic is also pleased to introduce the invitation of all attendees and sponsors to the annual honours dinner the night before the show starts. A great start to the show and the opportunity to reconnect the next day.

With sponsors located adjacent to the lecture rooms, attendees will have increased exposure to information and opportunities, within a few metres and seconds, after exiting their sessions. In an effort to not only increase traffic but improve the social aspect, and duration of floor time, food and beverage stations will be in multiple locations.

We encourage all sponsors to be creative and take advantage of these enhancements to help grow the Winter Clinic for years to come. Improved return on investment can only come from format change. If we continue to do the same thing every year we will continue to yield the same results.

As always, your comments, questions and solutions are welcome.


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