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Brain-guided implant reconstruction: Who makes the decisions?

May 05, 2018

It appears that there is still a great divide between those who utilise 3-D technology for dental implant planning and surgical placement of dental implants and those who do not. Clearly, decisions as to how to diagnose and treatment plan our patients may be the difference between success and failure. Recently an internet advertisement promoting an educational programme stated that ‘Implant surgery is not complicated, easier than most other dentistry, and every dentist has the skills to surgically place implants. If you can take teeth out, you can put a dental implant in! You don’t need expensive equipment for brain-guided surgery, you can learn it with no initial investment!’ Implant dentistry has become one of the most predictable and successful treatment modalities in all of dentistry. If the only imaging modality utilised is a two-dimensional panoramic or periapical radiograph how can a clinician really know if a procedure will be complicated?

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