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Thanks to Patent Dental Implants, an ever-growing number of clinicians worldwide experience on a day-to-day basis that “Implant Dentistry Without Peri-Implantitis” is a reality–today.

In 2003, two distinguished implant specialists from Germany began developing a novel dental implant with the aim of addressing the surging numbers of peri-implantitis cases occurring with the existing systems, despite decades of clinical experience. Recognizing that peri-implantitis always originates in the soft tissue and is caused by pathogenic bacteria, their goal was to foster soft-tissue adhesion to the implant surface so strong that it could prevent bacteria from invading the peri-implant tissue. They achieved this goal through an unprecedented combination of a specialized surface topography, a unique soft-tissue level design and a novel material composition, allowing a soft-tissue seal to form around the implant’s transgingival portion—providing an ideal defense barrier against bacteria. Equally crucial to this ability to minimize the risk of chronic tissue inflammation like peri-implantitis, the implant design avoids a microgap at a critical level, either epicrestally or supracrestally, where bacteria could potentially accumulate.

These two innovators also devised a whole new production process exclusive to their novel system, protected by 14 patents, to render the surface roughness needed for fast and predictable osseointegration while maximizing fracture resistance. The success of this revolutionary approach was proved in a preclinical study by Glauser and Schüpbach, which found bone–implant contact (BIC) of over 70% for this implant after a mere 4 weeks of healing, outperforming all other documented systems in terms of bone healing speed and success.1

In 2019, this innovative dental implant technology was acquired by Zurich-based manufacturing company Zircon Medical Management AG and continued its unparalleled success story under the brand name Patent Dental Implant System. Today, Patent has a performance record of over 20 years of clinical use by long-standing users, and its long-term success has been validated by independent long-term studies at the universities of Düsseldorf and Graz, which found healthy soft tissue and only minimal marginal bone loss after 9 years of function and no peri-implantitis even after 12 years.


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