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Dental implant market on the move

By Dental Tribune International
November 08, 2012

TORONTO, Canada: A new report by the Millennium Research Group in Canada has predicted significant changes within the dental implants market. While a new leader has recently formed with DENTSPLY's acquisition of Astra Tech, established companies will increasingly have to compete with newer, low-priced competitors in Asia and Latin America.

"Low-cost implants are becoming a significant part of the market," stated MRG senior analyst Karen Gierszewski. "In particular, two low-cost competitors, Neodent, with almost all of its sales in Brazil, and OSSTEM IMPLANT, with most sales in South Korea, have climbed in revenues just from the sheer volume of unit sales."

Owing to this development, established companies will have to keep an eye on these competitive price models in order to retain their market position in the future, Gierszewski said. As an example, she named Swiss manufacturer Straumann, which acquired a majority stake in Neodent for more than US$250 million in May.

In Europe and North America, the company and its main competitor Nobel Biocare will have to compete for second place after DENTSPLY Implants, who benefits from the previous market positions held by the companies from which it was formed, DENTSPLY Friadent and Astra Tech, the report stated.

Both companies merged this year, after DENTSPLY bought the implant division from British-Swedish biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in 2011.

Sales of dental implants have suffered significantly since 2009 owing to the global economic slowdown that hurt demand for high-cost dental procedures in particular. According to the report, the overall market is expected to regain annual growth rates of 10 percent by 2016.

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