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Ergonomics leader, pioneer in dental industry


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Dr. Sylvie Jetté of Repentigny, Quebec, is one of thousands of dental professionals enjoying reduced muscle tension with the Posiflex Free Motion Elbow Support System. (DTI/Photo Posiflex Design)
Lyne Noiseux, President, Posiflex Design

Lyne Noiseux, President, Posiflex Design

Mon. 7 January 2013


Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) represent an assembly of symptoms found in the workplace. They range from locomotive discomforts and pain related to certain work activities up to annoying pains that interfere with all activities, all the time. Rose-Ange Proteau, an ergonomist with the Association for Health and Safety in the Work Place for Social Affairs, said at a recent conference, “Often, the person is not conscious of the effect of wear.”

“As we worked to the amplitude limit of the articulations on a regular [basis], we are much more at risk,” Proteau said. She used the example of a young dentist who after only three years in practice declared, “Me, I have no problem, I go to the chiropractor every week!”

Proteau completed her master’s degree in ergonomics on this subject and has created the guide, “Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in Dental Clinics” She said that scientific studies have demonstrated that even with a good posture, with arms held close to the body, muscular tension remains high because of the strength and the control required for precision work. The Free Motion Elbow Supports from Posiflex Design were created following the needs identified by Proteau. A clinical study using electromyography clearly demonstrated that using the supports for as little as a few months diminished muscular tensions and prevented injuries. Thousands of dental professionals in Canada, the United States and Europe — and now in Asia — are benefitting from this technology, which was developed here in Montreal.

Because of the many testimonials and support by serious studies, I am convinced that the Free Motion Elbow Supports are an essential tool for the dental profession — as much as the chair light or even loupes for that matter. For a fraction of the cost of cumulative visits to the chiropractor, osteopath or massage therapist, you can practice the work you love for many years, in great comfort and in a secure way. Take advantage of the JDIQ meeting to attend Proteau’s session on Tuesday, May 29. I also invite you to visit us on the exhibit floor in booth No. 2016.

(Source: Posiflex Design)


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