Navident obtains regulatory approvals for guiding root canal treatment

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Navident obtains regulatory approvals for guiding root canal treatment


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Navident provides guidance for complex root canal treatments and microsurgery, according to ClaroNav. (Photo: ClaroNav)

Wed. 3 June 2020


TORONTO, Ontario, CANADA: ClaroNav announced today (June 3, 2020) that it has obtained Health Canada and CE Mark approvals to expand the indications for use of its dental navigation system, Navident, to include guiding any dental procedure.

In the past, Navident, like other dental navigation systems, was limited for use in guiding the placement of dental implants. According to the company, this is the first time a dental dynamic navigation system has been approved for such wide usage.

What enabled this approval was a set of innovations ClaroNav introduced in its most recent product release, 2.2, which include additional software functions and hardware parts enabling sophisticated planning and navigation of drilling and cutting paths by any dental handpiece in any jaw, the company said.

According to the company, the most exciting new application of Navident is in the field of endodontics, where it provides guidance for complex root canal treatments and microsurgery. For root canals, Navident enables drilling small holes to reach narrow, highly calcified canals, instead of ruining crowns in repeated attempts to reach a tiny canal opening deep in the tooth, the company said.

Jason Pardo, ClaroNav’s vice president sales and marketing, commented: “Navident enables carefully evaluating, planning and navigating root canal treatments and apicoectomy procedures with minimal invasiveness. This shortens chair time and reduces the number of patient appointments needed. Beyond the obvious benefits to convenience and efficiency, this reduces the likelihood of cross infection between patients and dental staff, an issue made critical by COVID that will likely remain critical in years to come.”

Said Doron Dekel, ClaroNav’s co-CEO: “We are making a long-term commitment to endodontics. We are developing novel technologies that would make root canal treatments easier, faster, safer, lower cost and more predictable for everyone involved. We also continue to engage our many pioneering dentist customers in an exploration of applications of novel navigation, robotics and deep learning technologies to their practices as they transition from old ‘arts and crafts’ techniques to meticulous digital planning and precise, yet flexible, delivery of the planned treatment.”

About ClaroNav Inc.

Similar to a GPS assisting drivers, ClaroNav’s surgical navigation technology assists surgeons in visualizing, planning and executing surgeries, the company said. This enables minimally invasive (keyhole) surgeries and reduces execution errors, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful surgery and reducing pain, recovery time, cost and complications.

Led by pioneers and world experts in this technology, enabled by reusable proprietary software and hardware components, and by vertically integrated efficient operations, ClaroNav is able to create innovative products with an exceptional price/performance ratio, the company said.

ClaroNav is an employee-owned company headquartered in Toronto. It was formerly the Surgical Navigation group within Claron Technology, founded by Claudio Gatti and his partner Doron Dekel in 2001. In January 2015, following the acquisition of the balance of Claron by Lexmark, the company was renamed ClaroNav.

More information about the company is available at

(Source: ClaroNav)

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