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LM-Activator: Delivering early orthodontic intervention

COLOGNE, Germany: LM-Dental takes great pride in turning dental care into a safe, efficient and altogether pleasant experience. At the 2021 International ...

LM-Dental recognised for its innovation

HELSINKI, Finland: The Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition is a great event for dentists, dental assistants, oral hygienists, dental technicians and ...

LM Sharp Diamond sharpen free instrument range is extended with Dual Graceys

PARAINEN, Finland: LM Sharp Diamond instruments are completely sharpen free, tough but refined, offering unique benefits for dental clinicians. These ...

Interview: “With UHF RFID, you can read dozens of instruments, handpieces and supplies”

Finland-based company LM-Dental develops, produces and markets high-tech dental hand instruments and its tracking system, together with ultrasonic devices, ...

New RFID intelligence in the dental clinic helps translate data into efficiency, safety and savings

COLOGNE, Germany: LM-Dental, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic dental instruments, actively works with dental clinics to ensure its ...

LM-Dental introduces sharpen-free prophylaxis and periodontics with Sharp Diamond scaler

PARGAS, Finland: Razor-sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light: dental equipment manufacturer LM-Dental’s sharpen-free Sharp Diamond instruments offer...

На выставке IDS 2017 будет представлена интеллектуальная система учета инструментов

КЕЛЬН, Германия/ПАРАЙНЕН, Финляндия: чтобы обеспечить безопасность пациентов, ...

LM-Dental and Style Italiano innovations at IDS 2017

COLOGNE, Germany: The successful collaboration between Finnish manufacturer LM-Dental and Style Italiano, a study group of passionate clinicians and ...

Sistema inteligente de rastreo de instrumentos

La compañía finlandesa LM-Dental ha desarrollado un sistema de rastreo de instrumentos que presentará por primera vez en el ...

LM periodontal instruments now sharpen-free

PARGAS, Finland: In order to offer clinicians the convenience of minimised maintenance of dental instruments, Finnish instrument manufacturer LM-Dental has ...

На выставке IDS были представлены инновационные стоматологические ручные инструменты с RFID

КЕЛЬН, Германия: на Международной стоматологической выставке IDS финская компания ...