Pacific Dental Conference name badge earns discounted ticket to FlyOver Canada

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Pacific Dental Conference name badge earns discounted ticket to FlyOver Canada

Iceberg Alley off the coast of Newfoundland is among the many spectacular scenes in FlyOver Canada, a fully immersive flight simulation attraction at Canada Place (under the ‘white sails’ next door to the Vancouver Convention Centre). (Photo/Provided by FlyOver Canada)

Tue. 5 March 2019


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, CANADA: Billed as more than a just a movie experience, the FlyOver Canada attraction is described by its creators as feeling more like a “ride” than a movie.

Through March 10, your Pacific Dental Conference badge is worth 25 percent off at FlyOver Canada (, next door at Canada Place. The 30-minute experience, which includes the eight-minute ride, starts every 15-20 minutes, and runs from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Your “chair” in this attraction ends up being more like a ski-area chair lift, suspended, leaving your feet to dangle, as you’re enveloped by the giant 20-metre spherical screen for an eight-minute journey flying at low altitude across Canada, all while encountering special effects of wind, mist and scents.

The total experience lasts 30 minutes, comprising three 10-minute parts.

Part 1 is the preshow “Uplift,” a fully immersive audio-­visual installation designed to build anticipation prior to the main ride. Part 2 is the preboarding zone, with an entertaining preflight safety video. Part 3 is the feature ride where you soar across Canada feeling the grandeur of the nation and the exhilaration of flight.

The FlyOver Canada film was shot during the four seasons in all corners of Canada, including Niagara Falls, Ontario’s Muskokas and iceberg alley off the coast of Newfoundland, to name just a few of the locations.

British Columbia is well-represented, too, with scenes from: Lake Magog in Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park; helisking near Bella Coola; Blue Mountain Winery and vineyards near Okanagan Falls; Canada Place in Vancouver; a seaplane in the lower mainland; and First Nations water travel in Tofino.

The Pacific Dental Conference runs from March 7 to 9.


(Source: FlyOver Canada)