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Reproducible accuracy with Dr. Silvia La Rosa

Photo: Provided by ClaroNa

Tue. 7 March 2023


Dr. Silvia La Rosa gives accolades to Dynamic Navigation using Navident citing it as his go-to in every case because of its reproducible accuracy.

What comes to mind when we think of computer-guided surgery? Accuracy, reproducibility, reliability, safety, efficiency, sophistication, progress, constant evolution, continuous evolution and flexibility.

When searching for technology with such characteristics, I stopped and reviewed the clinical challenges of previous techniques. Like most of you, I shifted from free-hand surgery to static guidance, first fabricated in-office and later through CAD/CAM technology, which has drawbacks.

Dynamic Navigation using Navident, offers me the ability to change my plan within the procedure, which is crucial; as we advance in the sinus cavity, we need to place implants accurately with transcrestal sinus elevation without losing the tactile feel.

Given its versatility and accuracy, dynamic navigation naturally expanded to the field of endodontics to facilitate accurate and more conservative access to calcified canals and microsurgery.

We must choose technology with our patients' well-being in mind. Therefore, we must critically research and understand the benefits and drawbacks of the technologies to select the most appropriate and efficacious treatment modalities for our patient's needs. Computer-guided implant placement remains an attractive choice as we aim for reproducible accuracy that impacts the patients' restorative, biological and functional outcomes.

Often, we decline to use more effective and more accurate technologies because of perceived and sometimes genuine changes to our daily practice, resulting in less than ideal and non-reproducible results. Computer-guided surgery is not easier, yet it sure is more accurate, making the outcome optimal for the patient and the clinician, thus minimizing chair time for both.

New techniques and technologies inspire us to do better for our patients, be inquisitive, learn and grow professionally. We need to adapt to change and invest time and effort personally and financially to succeed. With every new system that we incorporate into our practice, there is a familiarity curve. Dynamic Navigation using Navident has been exciting, enjoyable and rewarding for our team members and me.

Navident was the right choice for our practice in 2017 and continues to be the go-to technology to obtain the most accurate and reproducible results.

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