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Research and development has been a cornerstone of GC's advancement in dental materials since its inception. Today, dental materials continue to be refined and created at its Japanese headquarters and award-winning research facility launched in 2011 in Itabashi. As a result of continuous development GC has over 600 products that are sold in over 100 countries worldwide, many of which are 'household' names in the dental industry and are associated with landmark dental techniques.


GC materials have also gained renown in dental laboratories, where product ranges such as Initial continue to be a product of choice for dental technicians around the world. GC has also made strategic acquisitions over the decades to diversify its product ranges, most recently with the purchase of Stick Tech in 2011 and Klema in 2008. The company has also invested in advanced technology such as CAD/CAM, dental implants and orthodontics.


Product development is always informed by GC principles and honed through the following processes:

Academic research
GC has established long-standing partnerships with universities around the world who have tested and trialled their dental materials extensively, confirming their efficacy and range of applications in every day dentistry.

Industry awards and recognition
GC products have always won numerous awards and received recognition in the dental industry as being pioneering and trustworthy, designed with end users in mind.

Customer surveys
GC runs an annual customer satisfaction survey which provides valuable insight into the user-friendliness of its products and its level of customer service and support.

Training and knowledge
GC places a great deal of emphasis on training and knowledge transfer with dentists and dental technicians. Working with dental key opinion leaders from around the world, GC creates several channels of communications such as through academic symposia, training courses, online product instruction videos and informative webinars.

Vision 2021


The vision today, as it has been from the beginning, is to become the world's leading oral healthcare company and all aspects of business operations are geared towards reaching this ultimate goal. The inspiration for this vision is entrenched in the scientifically proven concept that oral health is linked directly to general health. Therefore GC's role in improving oral health forms part of a larger agenda that promotes global wellbeing and quality of life. GC regards the 21st Century as the Century of Health, and hopes to make significant progress in this domain by the company's 100th anniversary in 2021.

In practical support of this, GC opened an international office in Lucerne, Switzerland, in September 2013. GC International AG, as an integrated company of GC AMERICAGC EUROPE, and GC ASIA, will promote new products development in global scale and multi-national business operation including logistics focusing on each market and region.

High Quality Products for Dentists and Dental Technicians

Please look at our local entities in order to see the whole product range in your country.

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materials for the practice
Materials for the PracticeGC delivers the world’s number one products. Due to the combination of core technologies, accumulated over our 95-year-old history, and the brand new technologies obtained by daily research efforts.
materials for the laboratory
Materials for the LaboratoryGC creates products with sophisticated designs and high quality in every detail to meet the demands of dental technicians the world over.
dental equipment GC
Dental EquipmentOur original technology provides comfortable space for examination and treatment. Moreover, it relieves the burden on both practitioners and patients.
functional packages GC
Functional PackagesAt GC, we develop delivery systems and packaging materials that are designed to protect our products, are easy to handle and which minimize waste.
implant GC
ImplantWe provide excellent products to enable reliable implant treatment, which is supported by evidence, in order to maintain and greatly improve the patient’s quality of life.
digital products GC
Digital ProductsWe work in order to increase the choice of treatment for both dental professionals and patients in the Century of Health.

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