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Ensure earnings capability with ergonomic seating

By Dental Tribune Canada
September 29, 2014

The list is disturbing: fatigue; injury problems; serious neck, upper-back and shoulder pain; and posture so poor that it affects general physical performance. All are alarmingly common symptoms experienced by practitioners across the dental profession. The result: Forced early retirement caused by neck, shoulder and back problems is a frequent occurrence for dental professionals.

Studies demonstrate that the two major factors that help dental professionals keep a good posture and reduce muscle tension are the position of the patient chair and the use of an upper-body support mechanism, such as elbow supports.

The main cause of physical problems (muscle tension, musculoskeletal disorders and disk herniation) is the constant contraction of muscles, which in turn can cause an impairment of blood flow of up to 90 percent.

This situation leads to lactic acid build-up (lactate) in muscles to the extent that people begin to suffer from hyper-contraction. That means that even when an individual is not working, his or her muscles are never truly at rest.

According to the product developers at Posiflex Design, understanding proper positioning of the patient chair and using upper-body supports such as Posiflex Free Motion Elbow Supports, can significantly diminish contraction of the muscles and restore proper blood flow.

Furthermore, according to the company, independent research results have confirmed that Free Motion Elbow supports help people maintain a straight posture, which enables users to benefit from properly designed lumbar support.

Less stress on the upper body (shoulders, neck and back), proper blood flow and a straight posture position create correct support of the spinal structure and the lumbar area. According to the company, these adjustments will also ensure that body functions are working properly. For the majority of dental-stool users, keeping a straight position and reducing muscle tension while focused on precision tasks in dentistry is nearly impossible without lumbar support and upper-body support.

If your neck, shoulder and back pain and/or fatigue are so bad that you find it necessary to spend money and time on temporary treatments, the people at Posiflex Design encourage you to try their Free Motion Elbow Supports.

All of your years of training, skill acquisition and capital investment could end up being worth little if you can't hold up to the physical demands of a dental practice and retire healthy.

If you love what you are doing and want to continue in your profession safely and comfortably, Posiflex invites you to visit to learn more. With a product that is clinically proven to reduce muscle tension and prevent musculoskeletal disorders, the company is confident it can help ensure you’ll be able to continue enjoying your livelihood for many years to come.

(Source: Posiflex Design)


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