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‘Biophotonics’ whitening system twice as fast, no sensitivity

By Dental Tribune Canada
June 18, 2012

Fast&Mild brings the latest scientific development in biophotonics technology for in-office whitening. This major milestone was realized by KLOX Technologies, a Canadian technology company, revolutionizing the dental, medical and dermatological markets by optimizing the use of light and oxygen.

Fast&Mild is the only truly light activated in-office whitening system using the science of biophotonics, which uses light energy to convert oxygen molecules through photoactive mediators called chromophores at an optimal range of wavelengths. This produces professional whitening results quickly with virtually no sensitivity.

The innovative, patented, true light-activated system delivers results an average of eight shades whiter in as a little as 30 minutes, with isolation in approximately five minutes. The gentle, non-abrasive formula works fast to effectively deliver a shinier, healthier smile in less than half the time of other chairside whitening systems.

Fast&Mild’s reduced treatment time translates into a gentler procedure with almost no dehydration and no fadeback. Additionally, there is virtually no sensitivity, providing patients with a brilliant, healthy looking smile. This system works with any curing light and has a minimum shelf life of two years. Plus, it requires no refrigeration.

Fast&Mild whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide (39 percent) but also special chrompohore molecules that trap light and harness its energy. The molecules pass the energy to the hydrogen peroxide, causing it to break down many times faster than it would normally. The result is an abundance of a highly reactive oxygen species produced in a very short amount of time.

Fast&Mild is highly competitive compared with other teeth-whitening products on the market today. From the dentist's perspective, it is capital efficient, with no capital investment required. The procedure can be completed in about half the time required for competitive products, supporting increased efficiency in the dentist's office.

Oral Science’s team of dental specialists can help you implement this unique in-office whitening revolution in your practice. For more information, call (888) 442-7070 or visit

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