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New innovations to expand your vision

Photo: Provided by Designs for Vision

Mon. 6 March 2023


Designs for Vision has launched several game-changing loupe and headlight designs that will improve the way you work.

One of Designs for Vision’s several new products lines includes the new patented Panoramic Field Loupes.

The Panoramic Loupes represent the most significant advancement in telescope design in more than 100 years, according to the company. The viewable areas are twice as large as prismatic expanded field designed loupes and up to five times greater than Galilean loupes.

Panoramic Field loupes provide unprecedented field of view, clarity, definition and color, the company asserts.

Are you experiencing back or neck pain or want to prevent musculoskeletal injuries by improving your posture? The Infinity VUE Loupes by Designs for Vision may be your answer.

The Infinity VUE allows you to keep your head in a neutral position while the loupe does the bending for you. The Infinity VUE is available in 3.0x, 3.5x and 4.5x magnifications.

Designs has also added the Micro 3.0EF to the award-winning Micro Series Loupes. The Micro 3.0EF has a field of view of 100 mm and weighs less than 70 grams.

The Micro Series includes REALITY 5 Star rated Micro 3.5EF Scopes and Micro 4.5EF Scopes, utilizing a revolutionary optical design that reduces the size of the prismatic telescope by 50 percent and reduces the weight by 40 percent while providing an expanded field view of the oral cavity.

Designs for Vision is also introducing patented hands-free infrared technology with the WireLess IR HDi and the Micro IR HDi headlights. The patented IR feature allows you to operate the headlight without touching the system.

The IR headlights use a built-in infrared signal to allow you to turn the light on or off simply and safely. Onboard biometrics sense the position of the headlight to filter out unintended signals while working.




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