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PDC Virtual offers 30 days of education and fun

From left: Pacific Dental Conference attendees Michelle Verdon, Mary Dechene, Lindsay McKinley and Kandice Mountain, all of Nanaimo, British Columbia, get ready to check out all the offerings at the PDC in 2020. (Photo: Pacific Dental Conference)
Dental Tribune Canada

Dental Tribune Canada

Mon. 14 March 2022


Welcome to PDC Virtual. From today (March 14) until April 12, you have access to more than 30 hours of C.E. courses, plus the opportunity to network with your compatriots and explore offerings from dozens of exhibiting companies. Meeting organizers from the Pacific Dental Conference have designed the content in such a way as to offer something for every member of the dental team.

To access the meeting, simply visit www.pdconf.com. If you attended last year, you can log in with the same user name and password.

The dozens of virtual sessions are divided into three categories: Practice excellence, clinical excellence, and personal development. There are many educational offerings to choose from.

Among them are “Cannabis, Opioids, Dentistry,” presented by Clifford Pau, which covers the pharmacology of cannabis, methods of recreational consumption, and clinical considerations. This session also explores the mechanism of pain, the efficacy of opioid as an analgesic, and alternative therapeutic choices.

“Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases: Pathogens Don’t Sleep,” presented by Nancy Dewhirst, explores resistant pathogens, biofilm diseases and pathogens with pandemic potential. Attendees will learn how to find weak links in dental safety techniques and compare options to prepare, manage and respond to exposures.

“Offensive Dentistry,” presented by Brian Novy, is about caries risk assessment. Now that oral healthcare is armed with salivary diagnostics and bioactive materials, it’s time to rethink strategies, Novy explains.

One of the meeting’s biggest educational highlights is a live, hands-on virtual course, “Performing Predictable Endodontic Treatment With Protaper Ultimate,” presented by Dr. Gary Glassman on April 1 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. PST. This course, which unlike the others is available only on the date and time specified, addresses breakthrough concepts. It details the skills necessary for acquiring the expertise and confidence to perform the highest quality endodontics while focusing on “dentin preservation.” Participants will become familiar with the use of the “apex last” approach to canal shaping using Protaper Ultimate, a new rotary nickel-titanium instrumentation system available from Dentsply Sirona, co-sponsor of the event.

In addition to the many educational offerings, there are also fun things to do on the PDC Virtual website. “Gamification” is an online scavenger hunt. Codes are hidden throughout the virtual event platform and in social media posts, and you also earn points for every session check-in form you complete. Enter the codes you find into the gamification tab, collect points, and choose from a collection of prizes.

A personalized “virtual swag bag” from PDC’s virtual exhibitors is being delivered to each registered attendee’s email inbox. Each content card includes an exclusive discount or offer from from a participating company.

You’re also invited to participate in PDC’s virtual photo booth, located in the online lobby. To participate, simply take a picture and share it.

When you’re still logged in to the meeting, you can also explore products and services available from dozens of exhibiting companies.

One of the PDC meeting’s virtual exhibitors is, appropriately, DentalMonitoring, a company that offers AI-based solutions designed to empower orthodontists to expand their practices into virtual environments.

Remote monitoring technology has advanced to the point where dental professionals can reliably trust smartphones and capable monitoring software to expand their practices beyond what was conventionally feasible, according to the comapany. With advanced remote monitoring comes the possibility for practices and organizations to adjust how they provide care for their patients, offering better treatment experience and more touch points for the provider, without sacrificing consistency in their motivation — to treat patients effectively, and to keep their practice healthy, the company says.

You can learn more about what DentalMonitoring has to offer by accessing the company via the exhibitors section of the PDC site, or visit the company directly at dental-monitoring.com.

Another virtual exhibitor at PDC is Designs For Vison, which has several new and innovative products, including the Infinity VUE, Panoramic Field and REVEAL. Designed to provide a straightforward approach to ergonomics, Infinity VUE loupes are available in 3.0x and 3.5x magnification. Infinity VUE (Vision Up Ergonomics) keeps your chin up, your neck straight and your eyes forward while viewing the magnified oral cavity.

You can see the Visible Difference yourself by visiting Designs for Vision at the PDC virtual meeting, by visiting www.designsforvision.com, or by contacting the company directly at (800) 345-4009 or info@dvimail.com to arrange a visit in your office.

You might be wondering why this meeting is virtual again this year. In January, the PDC Organizing Group made the decision to transition the conference to a virtual-only format for 2022, due to concerns over the spread of Omicron. For next year, an in-person PDC meeting is being planned. The dates are March 9 to 11, 2023.

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