ICOI World Congress XXVI in Canada

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ICOI World Congress XXVI in Canada


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ICOI World Congress attendees focus on the main podium. (DTI/Photo Sierra Rendon)
Sierra Rendon, DTA

Sierra Rendon, DTA

Mon. 19 October 2009


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: It was a weekend of learning and growing at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) World Congress XXVI, 12th annual IPS Symposium and 12th Congress of the Asia Pacific Section. Beyond the teaching and the exhibits, relationships were continually exhorted as a key part of membership in the ICOI.

“More than education, we developed friendship and relationships,” said Dr Scott Ganz, session host and speaker. “Camaraderie is a very important part of the ICOI experience.”

Dr Jack Krauser, who spoke on Guided Implant Surgery: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, agreed with Ganz.

“We love implant dentistry,” he said. “Throughout 20 years in ICOI, I’ve made wonderful friends from across the world.”

Despite encouragement to take time to cultivate friendships, education was the focus of the event. The theme was Defining New Paradigms in Implant Dentistry: Interdisciplinary Concepts for Success.

A sampling of speakers included the following:

Dr Renzo Casellini spoke on Esthetics in Three Dimensions: Simple, Fast and Predictable. Casellini offered information on the newest techniques in zirconium abutments, over structures, crowns and full screw-retained restoration in zirconium with white and pink porcelain esthetics. “Success is a team approach,” he said. “We really have a team, including the patient. Teamwork means success for these cases. No one can do it alone. We need to work together.”

Ganz (also session host) spoke on The Impact of Digital Dentistry on Prosthetic Paradigms. Ganz led the audience to understand how to utilize technology in predicting implant placement and matching implant design with available anatomy, or in anticipation of bone grafting procedures. “New paradigms can truly help us to plan our cases and treatment better,” he said.

Dr Natalie Wong spoke on Destination … Digital! From Plans, Scans and Now, Digital Impressions. Wong traced the history and evolution of digital implant dentistry and offered suggestions on integrating and utilizing technology within practices. Her opinion is that the next phase of implant dentistry in the digital revolution will be digital impression making. Her components of an ideal digitable impression included: allows ability to scan quadrant to full arches; allows for fabrication of all types of dental restorations; allows for subgingival preparation; and allows lab users to export digital case data to file formats supported by CAD/CAM manufacturers.

Dr Michael Pikos spoke on Sinus Grafting in the Presence of Cysts and Polyps. Pikos explained how to assess the presence, size and location of maxillary sinus polyps and mucous retention cysts and offered a treatment protocol for removing maxillary sinus polyps and mucous retention cysts simultaneously with sinus augmentation surgery. He advocated the use of cone-beam technology as well, stating: “None of this can happen without cone-beam technology.”

Speakers and attendees raved about the Vancouver event, held 20-22 August, and the quality of the educational program.

“You have been subject to some wonderful speakers, and I’m pleased to be a part of this,” Pikos said. “This organization is especially meaningful to me personally because it’s where I began speaking many, many years ago.”

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