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Pacific Dental Congress offers live dentistry in Exhibit Hall

Attendees at the 2018 Pacific Dental Congress view Mark Kwon, DMD, during his demonstration of ‘3D Digital Navigation Live Implant Surgery’ on the Live Dentistry Stage Thursday in the Exhibit Hall. (Photo: Robert Selleck, DTA)

Fri. 9 March 2018


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, CANADA: Two live dentistry sessions in the Exhibit Hall on opening day of the 2018 Pacific Dental Congress attracted the usual capacity crowds, with observers spilling out beyond the designated sitting area. The Live Dentistry Stage is sponsored by A-dec and Sinclair, and each demonstration also has co-sponsors.

On Thursday morning, Jim Yeganegi, DMD, presented “Guided Sinus Surgery Using Dynamic Navigation Guided System,” co-sponsored by Hiossen Implant Canada and Navigate Surgical Technologies. In a second session Thgursday, Mark Kwon, DMD, and Mark Lin, DDS, FRCD(C), presented “3D Digital Navigation Live Implant Surgery,” co-sponsored by BioHorizons Canada

The 2018 PDC included more sessions on Friday.

Bobby Birdi, DMD, Dip Perio, Dip Pros, FRCD(C), FACP, DABP, and Ron Zokol, DMD, presented “Today’s Tooth In One Day: Digital Anterior Immediate Implant Placement,” co-sponsored by Nobel Biocare Canada.

Sonia Leziy, DDS, Dipl Perio, FCDS(BC), FRCD(C), presented “Digital Dentistry and the Small Implant Bridge. How, Why, Everywhere,” co-sponsored by BioHorizons Canada.

Jonathan Ng, DDS, MSc, Dip Pros., FRCD(C), presented “How Digital Dentistry Makes Life Better: Bridging Dentist and Lab Communication Implant Surgery,” co-sponsored by Henry Schein.

(Source: Pacific Dental Conference)

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